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About Us

  • We are a Wholesaler in Australia & New Zealand which Specialises in Aquarium and Pond Related products.
  • All our on road Sales Reps have extensive Aquarium Knowledge and come from the Aquarium Retail sector.
  • We sell to Aquarium & Pet Retail Shop Fronts Australia and New Zealand as well as Garden Nurseries.
  • We have our own Sales Reps, Vehicles, Trucks, Warehousing and Dispatch facilities which regularly land containers.
  • We are an Energetic and highly driven company which is very active on Social Media and YouTube.
  • The brands we are currently distributing are Aquael, Universal Rocks, Cermedia MarinePure, Dainichi Fish Foods & Poly-filter, Easy-Life Products, New Life Spectrum Fish Food, JBL Aquarium Products (AUS Only), Nisso Aquarium Products from Japan, Aqua-Pics Aquarium Supplements, Independent Store brand Products, Aquarium detox & Vivid Products, Pet Inn and Comfy Pet Products just to name a few.