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A.P. Natural Petrified Wood

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Product Description

Petrified wood is an aquascaping stone from Aqua Premium.

Petrified/fossilised wood is a unique hardscape material in the hobby of aquascaping. Petrified wood is composed of wooden material which have been buried and over a very long period of time fossilised by the environment around it. This process sees the replacement of organic wooden compound replaced by mineral based materials. Depending on the mineral present in the environment petrified wood can exhibit several different colourations, our source in particular how a strong combination of deep reds, pale yellowish white and dark grey.

The other unique aspect of petrified wood is depending on how each piece is broken you can either get very straight fractures reminiscent of sedimentary mineral or very smooth flowing curves due to the grain of the wood coming out very predominantly. This allows for both contrasting textures and colours  from one hardscape type which is difficult to find in many other types.

Petrified wood is available in pre-packed 20kg boxes.


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