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A.P. Natural SAMPLE BOX – Formicary Stone (20kg Box)

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With the launch of A.P. Natural Products we have ordered in several new and exciting hardscape materials. Some of these are going to become staple core ranges whereas others might be a rare one-off product that will be available for a limited time. As such we would like to introduce the A.P. Natural Sample Box range, these are items currently undergoing evaluation to determine if they will become a core range in the future or if they will remain as a special order only item.

Currently only one of each sample box is available, if you would like a product that is on backorder please feel free to place an expression of interest (EOI) as these EOIs are what will ultimately determine if a certain product becomes a core line.

Formicary Stone: A formicarium is the scientific name for an ants nest and where this stone gets its name. Formicary stone is a light grey stone with a unique surface texture profile, a cross between deep crevices and gashes (like Seiryu stone) and scattering of pores (like lava rock) gives Formicary stone a unique look for aquarists looking for hardscape with unique textures.

CLARIFICATION: Formicary stone was not harvested from ant hills, rather we believe these textures are a result of plant roots eroding into the stone. Please rest assure you won’t be “accidentally buying an ant hill” with this stone.


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