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Aquael Aquajet ECO Pump

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Product Description

The high-capacity, energy-efficient garden pumps designed to be used for the pumping of water in garden ponds, fountains, artificial cascades, and home swimming pools.

They consume up to 60% less power than than the previous-generation PFN pumps of similar capacity while maintaining excellent performance parameters such as capacity and water lift. The pumps are resistant to sea water.

Product Features:

  • – lower electricity bills thanks to the innovative design, you save up to 60% more power1
  • – exceptional durability ceramic rotor shaft and bearing
  • – operational safety protection against overheating and electronic protection against operation out of water
  • – versatility can be used in fresh and salt water alike
  • – low-maintenance a mechanical pre-filter eliminates the need for frequent cleaning
  • – easy to connect threaded inlet and outlet
  • – safe for animals made of high-quality non-toxic materials
  • – European quality manufactured in Poland
  • – 10-meter power cord
  • – two years warranty period

Inlet / Outlet Diameters

PFN Eco 6000 , 8000, 10,000 = 3/4″ – 1″ – 1 1/2″

PFN Eco 15,000 , 25,000 = 1 1/2″ – 1 1/3″ – 2″




Aquael Aquarium Products

AQUAEL Introduction


For over 35 years now, AQUAEL has been manufacturing everything required for setting up and maintaining a Freshwater Aquarium or a Garden Pond. More and more products are also aimed at the keepers of Marine Aquariums.
Our major product groups include aquarium filters, heaters, lids with inbuilt lighting, fully equipped aquarium sets, and aerators. A special emphasis is placed on the implementation of innovations and unique technological solutions.

The latest achievement of AQUAEL is ULTRAMAX, probably the best aquarium canister filter in the world.

Great Video Introducing a Customer to the Quality of Aquaelhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArlTTcGbl6A

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PFN ECO 6000, PFN ECO 8000, PFN ECO 10000, PFN ECO 15000, PFN ECO 25000