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Aquael Aquajet PFN Pumps

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Product Description

The Aquajet PFN 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3500 and 5500 are versatile pumps which can be used in a variety of situations both fully submersed or in an inline operation. Thanks to their compact size, high efficiency, adjustable pump capacity and, above all simplistic design Aquajet PFN pumps are a versatile and reliable option from Aquael.

The Aquajet PFN line of pumps is distinguished by very high efficiency, relative to their power. This is due to the use of modern energy-efficient motors and high-quality gaskets under the rotor chamber, which reduce yield losses to a minimum. Moreover, the latter solution allows the pumps to operate out of water (they are completely sealed) and boosts the height of water head, so that Aquajet PFN pumps can serve as circulation pumps.

For user convenience, all the models of Aquajet PFN pumps are equipped with continuous performance control that employs an ergonomic knob placed on the outlet nozzle of the pump. Using the knob, you can effortlessly adjust the strength of water stream.

Thanks to the use of ceramic rotor axes in Aquajet PFN pumps (except for the 500 model, which has a steel axis), the pumps are distinguished by exceptionally quiet operation. A big pre-filter protects the rotor against debris; as a consequence, the pumps do not require frequent cleaning. Aquajet PFN pumps are driven by waterproof, low-maintenance synchronous motors. Cleaning the rotor slot once a month is sufficient.

Aquajet PFN pumps are manufactured in conformity with the currently binding safety standards. The pump should only be connected to the mains via a protected plug-in socket. The plug-in socket must be located in a dry place. Before performing any maintenance works (e.g. assembly or cleaning), pull the plug out of the mains socket.

All Aquajet PFN models are rated for fresh and salt water except for the PFN 500.


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For over 35 years now, AQUAEL has been manufacturing everything required for setting up and maintaining a Freshwater Aquarium or a Garden Pond. More and more products are also aimed at the keepers of Marine Aquariums.
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The latest achievement of AQUAEL is ULTRAMAX, probably the best aquarium canister filter in the world.

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Aquajet PFN 500, Aquajet PFN 1000, Aquajet PFN 1500, Aquajet PFN 2000, Aquajet PFN 3500, Aquajet PFN 5500