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Aquael Dekor Pond Filter

Quick Overview

Disguised external canister filter designed for ponds and reservoirs up to 5000L. Designed with a shallow pot built into the lid this filter is designed to look like a flower pot.

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Product Description

DEKOR is an external water filter designed for use in various kinds of outdoor water reservoirs. Besides water treatment, the filter will decorate your garden. The pockets in the filter lid are intended for pots with ornamental plants. The filter can be positioned on the bank of a garden pond or over a waterfall source. DEKOR filters are recommended for water reservoirs with a capacity of up to 5 000 litres. We recommend the AQUAEL AQUAJET PFN 3500 pump for use with these filters.

Contents of the standard package:
The DEKOR filter is delivered with carefully selected filter media. Brushes intercept relatively large solid impurities, such as leaves or pieces of plants. Coconut mat and two layers of profiled sponge capture smaller solid impurities, such as mud or slurry. In their turn, bio-balls constitute a substrate for the bacteria that remove nitrogenous compounds dissolved in the water, thus adding biological filtration to mechanical filtration.

Filter media:

  • brushes
  • sponge
  • coconut mat
  • sponge
  • bio-balls

The filter media are arranged in layers. Brushes are ideal for water pre-treatment, or mechanical filtration. At the same time, they provide an excellent substrate for the development of live bacterial cultures.

The next stage of mechanical filtration is performed by the phenol-free sponge. Additionally, sponge constitutes a particularly favourable environment for the development of bacterial cultures responsible for the removal of biological pollutants from the tank.

Thanks to its structure, coconut mat is an excellent medium of mechanical filtration and an excellent substrate for the bacterial cultures responsible for biological filtration.

The polystyrene balls have ribbings and small orifices at both poles. Their action is based on the differentiation of aerobic conditions for biochemical processes. On their outer surface, aerobic conditions are favourable for the oxidation of organic compounds. The inner surface acts as an anaerobic micro-reactor where the reduction of organic compounds takes place. All this results in very effective water purification, so the water in the pond retains proper biological parameters and clarity.

Before activating the filter, remove the top cover, soak the sponge with water and squeeze air bubbles out of the sponge. Place the pump in the pond and use a hose to connect the pump to the inlet port at the top of the filter. Through this port, water is fed into the filter, where it passes through successive layers of filter media.

After the water reaches the outlet ports at the bottom of the filter, it flows back into the pond through the hoses connected to the ports. If the filter is located above a waterfall, one of the outlet ports at its bottom can be used to form the waterfall or a cascade.

Before performing any maintenance works on the filter or the pump (e.g. cleaning), disconnect the pump and all the other electrical devices located in the water from the mains.

The DEKOR filter and pump are designed for 24/7 operation. Soon after the activation of the filter, water quality will noticeably improve.


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