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Aquael Duo Tanks


Product Description

The Aquael Duo range of fish tanks are 49L nano tanks. Designed for any level of aquarist from beginner to advanced, both Duo tanks come equipped with a high-intensity low wattage Leddy Slim Duo light and a Versamax-3 hang on back filter to create optimal water flow throughout the entire tank.

Available in both the Shrimp Set 35 and the Nano Reef 35 there is a Aquael Duo tank for you regardless of if you were after a freshwater or marine setup.

Modern aquarium set which includes:

  1. 49L tank (35x35x40cm dimensions) with clear silicone.
  2. Aquael fix 50W heater* (Shrimp Set 35)
  3. Aquael Versamax-3 hang-on-back filter
  4. Aquael Leddy Slim Duo (Sunny & Plant/Marine & Actinic) 10W LED light
  5. Under aquarium pad


Aquael Aquarium Products

AQUAEL Introduction AQUAEL PRODUCTS DESIGNED AND MADE IN POLAND For over 35 years now, AQUAEL has been manufacturing everything required for setting up and maintaining a Freshwater Aquarium or a Garden Pond. More and more products are also aimed at the keepers of Marine Aquariums. Our major product groups include aquarium filters, heaters, lids with inbuilt lighting, fully equipped aquarium sets, and aerators. A special emphasis is placed on the implementation of innovations and unique technological solutions. The latest achievement of AQUAEL is ULTRAMAX, probably the best aquarium canister filter in the world. Great Video Introducing a Customer to the Quality of Aquael - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArlTTcGbl6A

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Shrimp Set 35, Nano Reef 35, Cabinet 35, Spare Parts


Black, White, Spare Lid (White)