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Cermedia MarinePure High Performance Biofilter Media


Product Description

MarinePure is the perfect place for beneficial bacteria to flourish in order to remove harmful fish wastes. It will eliminate ammonia and lower nitrates.

MarinePure’s bio-media is the most technically advanced bio-media available today.

  • Features Thin Bio-Film Technology
  • MarinePure is inert and will not harm aquarium inhabitants.

Why Use MarinePure

  • Better value due to high performance
  • Reduced tank maintenance
  • Allows for higher fish loads
  • Can use a smaller filtration footprint
  • More consistent water chemistry
  • Easy to shape

Can be used in a variety of applications;

  • Used in tank
  • Used in sumps
  • Used in canister filters
  • Used in DIY filters
  • Used in trickle or shower filters
  • Used in waterfall filters
  • Used in hang on back filters

Thin Bio-Film Technology

Combination of vast surface area and open/interconnected pores allow a thin bio-film to develop. This thin film allows bacteria to flourish because necessary nutrients are immediately available. With the open pores, old dead bio-film is easily flushed from the media and will not plug the media. Water flows through the media, not around as with other denser medias, thus utilizing the most surface area for beneficial bacterial growth.



MarinePure Filter Media Introduction Originally funded but the US Government to create the ideal surface area to harbour both and Aerobic & Anaerobic Bacteria without clogging of needed for servicing. Used in a wide range of applications outside of the Aquarium industry. This media has seen more Research and Funding go into it than any other product we know of in the marketplace. This Thin Bio-Film Technology has a unique ability to not only have water pass in and around but it also through the walls of the structure itself. It will never Needs replacing, Never Clogs and Never builds up Hydrogen Sulfide MarinePure takes pride of place as the benchmark for all medias in the Aquarium Industry.

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