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COMING SOON – Royal Nature Aiptasia Controller

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Product Description

A common and unwanted guest in marine aquariums is the Aiptasia, also known as Glass Rose anemones, those anemones, are capable of multiplying rapidly and competing for food and space aggressively. They often hitchhike in reef rock or on coral colonies, waiting for the ideal time to multiply in your aquarium. Despite the difficulty involved with removing Aiptasia, you want to rid your aquarium of the anemones before the Aiptasia population gets out of control.

Reef safe treatment for Aiptasia is Royal Aiptasia Controller – a special formulated fluid to remove unwanted Aiptasia easily.

The included applicator helps to administer the fluid precisely without causing damage to other reef inhabitants such as corals and other anemones.
The Aiptasia absorbs the fluid quickly after which it immediately collapses and dissolves. Read carefully manual instructions before use.


Royal Nature

Royal Nature is a young innovative and creative company established by chemistry experts & marine biologists who researched for many years the absolute and most necessary needs for the reef aquarium environment. By using pure and natural evaporated elements from the Red Sea as well as the Dead Sea, Royal Nature salts provide the ability to maintain fish and the most delicate corals in the most easy and correct way for both experts and beginners. Our pure natural additives for macro and micro elements together with our natural algae control system, accurate test kits, digital lab, natural rocks and colouration booster, complete everything you may need to get the best reef keeping results ever.