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Royal Nature Cultured Reef Rock (10kg Boxes)

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Product Description

Royal Cultured Reef Rock is a hand-made reef rock made of natural components; the same composition of materials found in nature. Unlike other ceramic rocks, Royal Reef Rock is very light weight and easy to work with. Special attention was taken to make sure this rock will have the highest porosity and pure materials without any Phosphates or Silicates.

Due to the super high-tech process, Royal Reef Rock is the closest match to the real natural reef rocks. Because of its super porosity, the rock can be used as a filtration medium for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The ease of colonization by beneficial microorganisms significantly shortens the maturation of the aquarium, especially while using Royal Nature probiotic salts.

The set contains rock plate shelves, arches and pyramids. The rock-by-rock hand manufacturing process of Royal Reef Rock ensures the uniqueness of each set, as well as providing a unique shape to each rock.

Royal Reef Rock is free from harmful nutrients, compounds or any toxic metals. It’s completely safe to use in any reef tank and increases the biological filtration in the aquarium. The final result of Royal Reef Rock comes out as a natural red coralline algae color for a perfect setup start and will be a perfect environment for real coralline algae. Royal Reef Rocks can be used in both marine water and fresh water environments.

  • Natural raw materials.
  • Cultured in natural techniques.
  • Suitable for reef/marine or hard water aquariums.
  • No toxic elements or nutrients.
  • Coralline algae colored – reef safe.
  • Free of unwanted algae or pests.
  • High porosity and very light.
  • Combination of easy build structures.
  • Easy bonding for authentic exotic set up.
  • No damage to real coral reefs.

A box of 10 kg will set up a colored natural reef rock from 100 to 200 liters.


Royal Nature

Royal Nature is a young innovative and creative company established by chemistry experts & marine biologists who researched for many years the absolute and most necessary needs for the reef aquarium environment. By using pure and natural evaporated elements from the Red Sea as well as the Dead Sea, Royal Nature salts provide the ability to maintain fish and the most delicate corals in the most easy and correct way for both experts and beginners. Our pure natural additives for macro and micro elements together with our natural algae control system, accurate test kits, digital lab, natural rocks and colouration booster, complete everything you may need to get the best reef keeping results ever.

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