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COMING SOON – Royal Nature Royalab Marine Test Device


Product Description

Our newest innovation – RoyaLab will take you to the first row of creativity and imagination supplying the beginner or expert, a real game changer of independent personal complete lab, testing all of your needed water parameters, without being depending for any external lab. In a changing market with a constant need for a reliable result, RoyaLab is the ultimate answer. ICP test and other digital solutions based on prob, need a constant calibration. RoyaLab is the only tool that have self-calibration before each test and will be free of unwanted mistakes enables to read your real parameters with less than 1% mistake. Get the lead and join Expert’s choice.

Calcium, Magnesium, Dkh, pH, Potassium, Iodine, Copper, Phosphate, Nitrate. Your reef tank is protected from any unwanted water parameters change.

The RoyaLab Multi-Parameter Spectrophotometer was developed after a long and comprehensive research to match the gap between simple titration chemical test kits for aquarium water and a real professional self-lab. Chemical test kits are limited in use due to its low resolution and reproductively. RoyaLab is the most Professional and advanced lab to handle accurate chemical water tests. RoyaLab Multi-Parameter Spectrophotometer has several fixed wavelengths LED and photodetectors to ensure the accuracy of the measurements. The 128 x 64 Pixel LCD allows for a simplified user interface with virtual keys and on-screen help to guide the user through the use of the meter.


The device is powered by Arduino.

  • Compact, Portable Design
  • Built-in Timer
  • One-Button Operation
  • USB connection
  • Self-calibration algorithm


Measurement       Range
Calcium 200-470 ppm
Magnesium 900-1600 ppm
Phosphate 0-3 ppm
Nitrate 0-110 ppm
pH 7.5-8.6
Iodine 0-100 ppb
Potassium 100-600 ppm
Alkalinity 6-15
Copper 0-1 ppm


Royal Nature

Royal Nature is a young innovative and creative company established by chemistry experts & marine biologists who researched for many years the absolute and most necessary needs for the reef aquarium environment. By using pure and natural evaporated elements from the Red Sea as well as the Dead Sea, Royal Nature salts provide the ability to maintain fish and the most delicate corals in the most easy and correct way for both experts and beginners. Our pure natural additives for macro and micro elements together with our natural algae control system, accurate test kits, digital lab, natural rocks and colouration booster, complete everything you may need to get the best reef keeping results ever.

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Royalab Starting Kit, Reagent Refills