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Bulk Filter Wool

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This High Grade Filter Wool available in a 1m x 25m bulk roll.
Perfect for Sumps, Canister Filters and anywhere that Mechanical filtration is needed.
A perfect accompaniment would be to place this wool on-top of Your Poly-filter to prolong the life of the ever so popular Poly-filter.
The Biological Filtration that would work best with this product would be MarinePure.


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With such a broad range of products Aqua Premium also has a number of products that may not be branded buy certainly are very effective.

These products complement the aquarium user providing everything from 20lt Water Drums for R.O. & Salt Water, Bulk Wool, Blue Mesh and Egg Crate for Filter sump setups etc.

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1mx1m Bag, 1mx25m Bulk Roll