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Easy-Life Catappa X Indian Almond Leaf Extract

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Dose Rate:

10ml per 100L weekly


Product Description

Easy-Life Catappa X is a natural extract derived from Catappa (Indian almond) leaves.

Catappa leaves have been used in the hobby for a long time as a natural health booster for shrimp, bettas and other fish species that enjoy a ‘black water’ environment. Traditionally dried Indian almond leaves are used to create the same effect however the decaying plant material tends to discolour the water creating a yellowish brown tint which some aquarists find unappealing.

Catappa X filters out the decaying organic compound while keeping the tannic acid which provides the beneficial effect of Indian almond leaves without discolouring the water.



Easy-Life Products Introduction Since 1998, Easy Life International B.V. has produced aquarium and pond products under the brand name Easy-Life. We distinguish ourselves in the market by the fact that our university-educated specialists have years of experience in keeping aquariums and, as a result, combine their practical experience and knowledge to produce innovative products. Thanks to the excellent reputation of Easy-Life and the excellent effects of its products, the products are now available in more than 40 countries, mostly due to word-of-mouth advertising. The products are now no longer only used by hobbyists, but also by retail traders, wholesalers, zoos and importers and exporters of fish and corals.

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250ml, 500ml, 1L