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Easy-Life Potassium Plant Fertilizer


Product Description

One of the most important fertilizer compound for aquatic plants. Easy-Life Potassium provides the needed compound for healthy plant growth.

Part of the NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium), Potassium is a macro nutrient for healthy aquatic plant growth. Macro nutrients are fertilizers in which plants need a large amount of to maintain healthy growth. Potassium in particular is unusually important due to the difficulty of obtaining large enough quantities naturally as opposed to Nitrogen and Phosphorous which can be derived in part to organic waste and decaying material.

Potassium along with Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Iron and Carbon dioxide are the nutrients needed to guarantee healthy plant growth along with a good light source and regular care.



Easy-Life Products Introduction Since 1998, Easy Life International B.V. has produced aquarium and pond products under the brand name Easy-Life. We distinguish ourselves in the market by the fact that our university-educated specialists have years of experience in keeping aquariums and, as a result, combine their practical experience and knowledge to produce innovative products. Thanks to the excellent reputation of Easy-Life and the excellent effects of its products, the products are now available in more than 40 countries, mostly due to word-of-mouth advertising. The products are now no longer only used by hobbyists, but also by retail traders, wholesalers, zoos and importers and exporters of fish and corals.

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250ml, 500ml, 1L