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JBL Proscape Macroelements (250ml)

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JBL Proscape Macroelement plant fertiliser is a combined plant fertiliser containing elements which are used in high quantities by healthy aquatic plant growth.

These important elements (often called macroelements or macronutrients) are:

Nitrogen: This is the most important nutrient aside from CO2 and is the nutrient used in largest quantity. Plants can utilise Nitrogen from a variety of compounds such as naturally occurring Ammonium (NH4+), Nitrate (NO3) and Urea (CH4N2O). Nitrogen is a crucial part in all organism in forming new amino acids and DNA structures and although readily available in the form of fish waste is often not in enough concentration.

Phosphorus: Needed for metabolism, Phosphorus is the form of Phosphate (PO43-) is often attributed to algae growth. Similar to Nitrogen in Phosphate is naturally provided by fish waste and in excessive quantities can lead to algae issues. However in heavily planted tanks Phosphate and Nitrogen deficiency can still occur and lead to stunting plant growth since Phosphorus is a key component in general metabolism.

Potassium: A unique but crucial element. Potassium is critical in cell activation of aquatic plants, this is the action that allows plants to absorb nutrients from the water and results in potassium being the second highest macronutrient consumed by aquatic plants only to Nitrogen. Unlike nitrogen and Phosphorus however, Potassium is often lacking in a fish tank as it is rarely present naturally.


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