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JBL Sansibar Snow (White Aquarium Sand)

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Product Description

Sansibar snow is a 0.1-0.6mm grain white sand suitable for freshwater or marine aquariums as well as terrariums.

Ideal top layer in planted aquariums to prevent excess release of nutrients into the water while being fine enough for plant roots to establish.

Fine and round sand granules is gentle for sensitive barbels. Ideal for loaches and corydoras.


JBL Aquarium Products

JBL Aquarium Products Introduction JBL …… Ahead through Research Founded in the 1960s by a trained chemist. JBL takes product Development and Water testing very seriously. In keeping with our motto “Progress through research,” we believe it is essential to use information about the animals’ way of living and of their biotopes as a basis when developing our products. As a reputable manufacturer with very high standards JBL does not rely on dubious reports from the internet or information from outdated literature. That’s why JBL runs its own research center , employing experienced scientists, and also organises annual research expeditions to the home areas of the aquarium and terrarium animals, so as to build up our knowledge first hand. In addition JBL cooperates with some of the leading scientific institutions in Europe, in order to receive the most accurate results possible.

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