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New Life Spectrum Reef Cell

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Product Description

New Life Spectrum’s exceptional solutions for your reef aquarium: like our microencapsulated reef powder Reef/Cell designed for filter feeding invertebrates and SPS/stony corals. Microencapsulation means that it doesn’t leach into the water and neutrally buoyant.

There is a New Life Spectrum® formula for almost every freshwater fish, marine fish, crustacean or coral in your aquarium. The Spectrum family of formulas all feature high-density, quality nutrition from natural ingredients and uses a natural, plant-based preservative with the trade name Naturox® instead of ethoxyquin. Formulas come in a variety of jar sizes: from 60g jars all the way to 2200g bags.


New Life Spectrum

New Life Spectrum Introduction See your fish differently. . . New Life Spectrum… simply better ingredients Try New Life Spectrum food and see for yourself the benefits to your fish in improved colouration and vitality. This comprehensive range of complete fish diets has been available in Australia for over 30 years following impressive reviews by some of the top names in fishkeeping. The premium natural ingredients attract even the most finicky of feeders.

Additional information

Jar Size

15g, 40g

Powder Size

Small Microcap Powder 10-80 Microns, Large Microcap Powder 400-600 Microns