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Nisso Air Pumps and Accessories


Product Description

Nisso Mute Air Pump

This air pump is designed for small and nano aquariums and are meant to operate as silently as possible. The air pump comes with suction cup mounts which acts to reduce noise on flat surfaces as well as attach to vertical surfaces. Nisso Mute air pumps also comes with an included check valves.

Product Code – 101522


Nisso Mute Air Accessories Kit

Nisso Mute air accessories kit is an air stone and air line kit designed to work with Nisso Mute air pumps. This kit includes a nano air stone and micro-airline with adapter. Please note that the air line in this kit is not compatible with most other air pumps without the adapter, this air line is much thinner as to not be as noticeable.

Product Code – 113022


Nisso B-2 Battery operated air pump

B-2 air pumps are air pumps that run on D-cell battery. This air pump includes a small length of air line and air stone, the air pump is also waterproof for additional safety.

Product Code – 124653


Nisso Check Valves

Basic aquarium check valve for air line. Compatible with universal air lines, not ideal for pressurised CO2 air line usage.

Product Code – 113146


Nisso Air Line Splitters & valve

Aquarium air line valves and splitters used to divide air flow for fish tank. Each valve/splitter can be turned on/off individually to control air flow direction for your air line system.

Product Codes –

Valve: 113292

2-Way Splitter: 113290

3-Way Splitter: 113291


Nisso Air Stones

Basic air stone available in 10cm or 20cm sizes

Product Codes – 10cm: 124666/ 20cm: 124667



Nisso Introduction Nisso Products Come from a Japanese Based Company and pride themselves on nano Air Pumps, Ornaments, Lilly’s and User friendly Cleaning tools. Nisso products take pride of place for detail and Practicability. Users of Nisso Products very quickly become a huge fan.

Additional information

Air Pump/ Air Accessories

Air Pump, Air Accessories


Air Line Splitter 2-way with valve, Air Line Splitter 3-way with valve, Air Line Stopper with valve (2pack), Airstone 10cm, Airstone 20cm, Mute Silent Air Pump, B2 Battery-operated Air Pump, Mute Air Accessories Kit, Check Valve (sold loose, no packaging)