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Nisso Custom Soil (From Japan)

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Product Description

Nisso Custom Soil is one of the original nutrient soil for aquariums made in Japan.

Nisso Custom Soil lowers pH and has a water softening effect which is ideal for plants and shrimp. Due to the inclusion of Bentonite clay in the soil the pellets also have great functions as sponges both for absorbing excess nutrients as well as allowing beneficial bacteria to grow.

Because of this you will also find that Nisso Custom Soil does not cloud the water as readily as other nutrient soil and should be good to use immediately out of the bag.

No Washing Required

Nisso Custom Soil

Code 113277 – Nisso Plant Soil 1kg

Code 113278 – Nisso Plant Soil 3kg

Code 113279 – Nisso Plant Soil 8kg


Code 113280 – Nisso Shrimp Soil 1L

Code 113281 – Nisso Shrimp Soil 3L

Code 113282 – Nisso Shrimp Soil 8L



Nisso Introduction

Nisso Products Come from a Japanese Based Company and pride themselves on nano Air Pumps, Ornaments, Lilly’s and User friendly Cleaning tools.

Nisso products take pride of place for detail and Practicability.

Users of Nisso Products very quickly become a huge fan.

Additional information

Shrimp Soil / Plant Soil

Shrimp Soil, Plant Soil


1L, 3L, 8L, 1kg, 3kg, 8kg, 1kg Box (Qty.10, 2.5% box lot discount), 3kg Box (Qty.4, 2.5% box lot discount), 1L Box (Qty.10, 2.5% box lot discount), 3L Box (Qty.4, 2.5% box lot discount)