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Nisso Little Garden Ornaments range

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Product Description

The Nisso Little Garden range is a range of Aquarium ornaments and artificial plants from Nisso Japan. The Little Garden Ornaments are divided into two ranges

  1. The Little Garden range: This range is composed of artificial plants with a modular grid base. This allows you to reorganise the layout of the plants involved to create your own desired layout. The grid base also allows for expansion by attaching multiple Little Garden and Deco Flower Mat range together into one larger ornament.
  2. The Little Garden Driftwood range: This range includes an artificial plant as well as a base of artificial driftwood. This range is desirable for its built-in airstone housed within the driftwood base.



Nisso Introduction

Nisso Products Come from a Japanese Based Company and pride themselves on nano Air Pumps, Ornaments, Lilly’s and User friendly Cleaning tools.

Nisso products take pride of place for detail and Practicability.

Users of Nisso Products very quickly become a huge fan.

Additional information


Little Garden 1 (NAP-500 Milfoil), Little Garden 2 (NAP-501 Ludwigia), Little Garden Driftwood 1 (NAP-510 Milfoil), Little Garden Driftwood 2 (NAP-511 Wisteria), Little Garden Driftwood 3 (NAP-512 Moss W. Arch), Little Garden Driftwood 4 (NAP-513 Moss W. Branch)