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Nisso Mutes Air Pump & Accessories


Product Description

Nisso Mutes are compact and incredibly silent air pumps.

Mute air pumps have a rate of 280ml/minute and is ideal for nano aquariums and terrariums. The air pump comes with suction mounts which allows it to be mounted vertically behind a fish tank and also contributes to its silent operation.


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Aqua Premium Introduction With such a broad range of products Aqua Premium also has a number of products that may not be branded buy certainly are very effective. These products complement the aquarium user providing everything from 20lt Water Drums for R.O. & Salt Water, Bulk Wool, Blue Mesh and Egg Crate for Filter sump setups etc. If your in need of the odd or strange accessory you will probably find it under “Aqua Premium”

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Mutes 280ml/min Air Pump, Airline and Accessories kit