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Universal Rocks Rocky Backgrounds – Classic Brown


Product Description

Universal Rocks is the leading creators for artificial 3D backgrounds for aquariums, terrariums and paludariums. A great starting point for their background range is the Rocky Backgrounds.

Universal Rocks Rocky Backgrounds are their entry level backgrounds, suited to both submersed and dry environments Rocky Backgrounds trade a 3D profile in exchange for being the lightest, most flexible and most economical version of the Universal Rock Background ranges. Although significantly less 3D than the Ledge and Crevice background range Rocky backgrounds are still finished in the same way creating a highly durable product that is also flexible enough to fit into the tightest of spaces. Being thinner is also an advantage in the case that a Rocky Background needs to be cut to fit irregular size tanks.

Universal Rocks takes pride in the durability of their product often outlasting the silicone of an aquarium. When you invest in a Universal Rocks background you are investing in a product that will go the distance no matter how long you need it to.

The Rocky background range is made of flexible aquarium resin. This is a fully water-proof material which is flexible enough to bend and twist into an aquarium, the material also sinks for ease of installation.


Universal Rocks

Universal Rocks Introduction Universal Rocks is a family business originating in Australia in 1997 and moved its manufacturing facility to Dallas, Texas in 2007. Dedicated to producing amazing replicas of the most beautiful features of the Australian Bush. There extensive range caters for both Aquarium and Reptile habitats. Universal Rocks is proud to offer a diverse collection of Aquarium & Pet Reptile Supplies for Habitats of every shape and size. From our constantly expanding selection of lightweight artificial decor rocks and backgrounds, to our reptile tank ledges and feeding bowls, all of our products are made from the highest grade materials using a process we’ve honed over decades. They’re incredibly realistic looking and highly durable, making them a wonderful addition to any Aquarium, Reptile tank or Habitat. With one of the most diverse selections of lightweight rock aquarium backgrounds, Universal Rocks makes it easy to drastically transform the look of your terrarium, fish tank or pet reptile enclosure. All our 3D backgrounds are moulded from real rock features, coloured with real rock material and available in your choice of either flexible (AQUARIUM) or rigid foam (REPTILE). Not only are all of the Universal Rocks® product range realistic in appearance, easy to transport and simple to install, but they are so strong and durable that they won't be damaged by elements or even little feet, paws or claws! Great Video Introducing a Customer to the Quality of Aquael - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imuIkOhtzI0

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20" (50.8cm), 24" (60.96cm), 30" (76.2cm), 36" (91.44cm), 48" (121.92cm), 60" (152.4cm), 72" (182.88cm)


12" (30.48cm), 16" (40.64cm), 18" (45.72cm), 20" (50.8cm), 24" (60.96cm), 28" (71.12cm)